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NEWS October 26, 2021

Renewed Manufacturing Equipment

Lumaire has installed three brand new machines of the most advanced, […]

NEWS July 21, 2021

Leddex sponsors a team of young racers in Aurum 1006 km

When you live actively, you gain the strength and power to […]

NEWS March 19, 2021

Equipment upgrade

This year, 03.29–04.09 Leddex Group will be under construction. Production processes […]

NEW PRODUCT March 1, 2021

Leddex Acoustic

Leddex Acoustic is a new series of sound-absorbing luminaires designed by […]

NEWS December 16, 2020

Happy New Season

Where home is, your heart there follows – Just remember, it’s […]

NEWS November 30, 2020

Abalt Baltic Business Masters certificate 2020

Abalt certifies Baltic companies as Class A market leaders with a […]

NEWS November 3, 2020

Lighting for Logistics

The lighting of Delamode Baltics was designed with every possible detail […]

LEDDEX NEWS September 8, 2020

Brand new Lumaire web!

Different looks, same values – redesigned Lumaire web – to make […]

NEWS June 8, 2020

10 years together!

In June, Leddex celebrates its birthday; this year we’d like to […]

NEWS April 16, 2020

Outdoor lighting design

Everyone should be able to enjoy cozy lighting, both indoor and […]

NEW PRODUCT April 15, 2020


Nimbus is a powerful outdoor and stadium floodlight with a long […]

NEWS March 10, 2020

Shop lighting

We used Ringo, the ring-shaped LED lights, to create vivid lighting […]