Leddex acoustic luminaires


Acoustic ceiling lighting is known for absorbing ambient sounds that affect performance, concentration, and rest. Patent design Acoustic LED Kuadro consists of a square-shaped ceiling luminaire housing covered with a sound-absorbing material made of recycled plastic. Its composition significantly reduces background noises, that way, increasing work efficiency. The Acoustic Kuadro pendant luminaire in various sizes and colors crowns any interior solution. Choose your favorite color and size combination or you may also order luminaires of custom dimensions!

  • Lighting Down / Up (optional)
  • Lumaire acoustic bring 9 colors in 9mm thickness panel
  • High NRC 0.39 rated
  • Recycled PET felt
  • Acoustic panels are 100% recyclable
  • Acoustic housing material is made of 100% polyester
  • Panels are fire rated based on ASTM-E84
  • Clean Air Certified LEEDv4

Product size

696x696mm I 896x896mm I 1269x1269mm I 1496x1496mm I 1896x1896mm

Product height

400mm I 600mm I 800mm I 1000mm I 1200mm

Nominal power

30W I 80W I 180W I 180W I 240W

Luminous flux

3 600Lm I 9 600Lm I 21 600Lm I 21 600Lm I 26 800Lm

Luminous efficacy, lm/W


Protection class

IP 20

Unified glare rating


Beam Angle

90º I 70º up (optional)

Color Temp

~3000K | ~4000K

LED lifespan





Open space



projects space

Acoustic LED Kuadro

Acoustic ceiling lighting is beneficial in offices, meeting rooms, cafes, or lounges – wherever people tend to spend a lot of time and are being active.

How does acoustic lighting work?

It is known that background noise harms health and may even cause chronic fatigue syndrome. The acoustic material that covers LED Kuadro absorbs ambient sounds, which in the long run, increases your ability to concentrate and helps you relax better.