Leddex acoustic luminaires


Acoustic LED fixtures with sound-absorbing material made of recycled plastic significantly reduce ambient noise. This is an ideal option for those who work a lot and want to better their rest regime. ‘Acoustic LED Round’ is made of a ring-shaped aluminum profile. A cylindrical pendant luminaire can emit light both upwards and downwards. These luminaires complement both home and office interiors, creating efficient and pleasant acoustic lighting in common areas. Choose luminaires of different colors and sizes from the catalog, or make a custom order.

  • Lighting Down / Up (optional)
  • Lumaire acoustic bring 9 colors in 9mm thickness panel
  • High NRC 0.39 rated
  • Recycled PET felt
  • Acoustic panels are 100% recyclable
  • Acoustic housing material is made of 100% polyester
  • Panels are fire rated based on ASTM-E84
  • Clean Air Certified LEEDv4

Product size

802mm I 998mm I 1402mm I 1602mm I 2002mm

Product height

400mm I 600mm I 800mm I 1000mm I 1200mm

Nominal power

40W I 60W I 100W I 110W I 150W

Luminous flux

4 800Lm I 7 200Lm I 12 000Lm I 13 200Lm I 18 000Lm

Luminous efficacy


Protection class

IP 20

Unified glare rating


Beam Angle

90º I 70º up (optional)

Color Temp. (CCT)

~3000K | ~4000K

LED lifespan





Open space



projects space

Acoustic Led Round

Acoustic LED Round is an interior element, perfect for office lighting or common indoor areas, lounges, cafes, reading rooms, airports, etc.

The Benefits of Acoustic Lighting

A cylindrical ring-shaped pendant luminaire with acoustic material absorbs ambient sounds and reduces noise pollution. This is especially beneficial for health, as constant background noise eventually affects the nervous system, interfering with concentration and rest. You can create your preferred mood by choosing colorful combinations of Acoustic LED Round luminaires.