LED Panel


Lumaire custom size LED panel sets a new way to advertise. Every design is custom made and grants you a chance to stand out. Complement your brand or simply be different with custom size and shape LED panel of your choice. The technology inside the panel guarantees homogeneous light distribution no matter the size or the shape of the LED panel. Lumaire custom remains extra thin and suitable for any type of lighting.

  • The LED panel can be in any shape
  • Thickness is just 5mm (8mm with heat sink)
  • Brightness up to 11000lx on the surface depending on size
  • Single or double sided, curve and custom shape options
  • Low power consumption
  • Wide application posibilities, from interior design to signage
  • OPAL front cover 2mm, optional


iki 1250X2450 mm

Custom shapes

Circles (max. diameter 1250 mm), rings, hexagon, stars and etc

Light colors

3000K 4000K 5000K 6500K Samsung LED



Light intensity

up to 11000lx on the panel’s surface depending on the size

Specific light colors and RGB

Upon request

POS Display lighting

Signage lighting

Advertising design lighting

Trade fairs lighting

Retail lighting

Interior design lighting

Hotels lighting

Wayfinding lighting