flexible led strip lights

LED strip 12W

Flexible 12 W LED strips with 2835 embedded LEDs, where 28 is the width (2.8 mm), and 35 is the length (3.5 mm) of each diode. Leddex LED strips are the ideal choice for any project since you can pick from a vast colour spectrum, varying from warm (yellow) to neutral or cold (white). LED strips are a must for any lighting project!

  • Luminous efficacy 130lm/W
  • Suitable for standard profile. Strip width 8 mm
  • Easy installation

Power, W/m

12 W/m

Luminous efficacy

130 lm/W

Input voltage


Protection class


Color rendering index

84 CRI

Color temperature, K

~3000K | ~4000K | ~6500K

Operating temperature

-20ºC ~ +40ºC

L80 lifetime

L80B10 > 50 000 hours (@Ta25ºC)


Accent lighting