LED panel

LUMAIRE Magnetic

Lumaire magnetic LED panel is all about practicality. The image inside the LED panel is easy to replace. The design of the LED panel can be either curved or flat. Because of the unique magnetic technology with the suction cup, it takes no longer than a minute to take out the protective acrylic sheet and change the image of the LED panel. Curved or flat, your Lumaire magnetic LED panel guarantees efficient homogeneous light distribution.

  • Easy changeable image print
  • Frame thickness is just 15mm (single or double-sided)
  • Brightness up to 11000lx on the surface depending on size
  • Single or double sided, curved
  • Low power consumption
  • Wide application posibilities, from interior design to signage
  • MILKY plexiglas 2mm

Main material

Clear acrylic (PMMA)

Light transmission


Frame thickness

15 mm (single or double-sided)

Luminous efficiency

up to 160lm/W

IP rating

IP 20

Operating temperature

3000K 4000K 5000K 6500K

Maximum size

2450x1250 mm


> 50,000 hours

Operating temperature

-30°C ~ + 40°C

Working voltage

DC 12V / DC 24V / DC CC

POS Display lighting

Signage lighting

Advertising design lighting

Trade fairs lighting

Retail lighting

Interior design lighting

Hotels lighting

Wayfinding lighting