LED tube lights


Irreplaceable in food and farm lighting, these ultra-bright LED tube lights are up to 2-3 times more efficient than other fluorescent lamps. The linear structure of the product is made of a firm aluminium body, stainless steel mounts and LEDs that emit the light at a full 120° angle. Robust LED tube lights are resistant to water, humidity, dust and active chemical reagents. Especially suitable for animal husbandry.

  • High reliability light-emitting diodes (LED)
  • High luminous efficiency 150LM/W
  • Color rendering index - Ra>80
  • Emergency battery is optionable
  • Special formula strong aluminum body
  • Water-proof, dust-proof, damp-proof
  • Through-wiring 3x1.5mm² or 5x1.5mm²
  • Stainless steel mounting brackets
  • Easy installation


Ø100 x 600 mm | Ø100 x 1200mm | Ø100 x 1500 mm

Luminaire power

20 W | 40 W | 50 W | 60 W

Colour temperature

~3000K | ~4000K | ~5000K



Beam angle


Colour rendering index


Degree of water and dust proof

Extremely resistant against a chemically aggressive environment. It is resistant to ammonia and corrosive substances. The light fitting is specially designed for animal husbandry.

Mechanical impact resistance


Food industry lighting

Animal husbandry lighting