Shop lighting. Domus galerija

We used Ringo, the ring-shaped LED lights, to create vivid lighting that matches the modern architecture of the Gallery. By emitting the light both upwards and downwards, these ring-shaped lighting fixtures emphasize the unique ceiling design and create the analogy to the Domus Gallery’s aim of inspiring authenticity.

Pal. Kun. Mykolo Sopočkos hospisas

Mykolas Sopocka’s hospice provides physical and mental care to the patients and their families. We are pleased to have contributed to this non-profit organization to help add more light and more home to their place. For the interior lighting, we used “Quadro” and “Tores” ceiling lights and the “Goccia” directional lights.

“Alfa” office at Vilnius

Modern and efficient workplace lighting designed using four types of different luminaires. Ring-shaped lamp “Ringo” and flat-type “Quadro” make a perfect fit for common areas, “Lungo“, the elongated lamp, convenient for the use over conference tables and other workplaces, and “Tondo” – small round luminaire used in corridors and other transition rooms.

Special project. The “Forum Cinemas” cinema at Kaunas “Akropolis”.

With only one Lumaire product Basic LED, we created an exceptional ceiling design. The identical geometric shapes together give the effect of movement. For signage, we used the Lumaire Magnet LED lighting.

Kaunas bus station. Indoor lighting.

Versatile lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere in common areas. In strict-shape luminaires, we used LED Fortan, a product specifically designed for buildings with high ceilings.

Kaunas bus station. Outdoor lighting

For outdoor lighting, the Leddex LED Fortan product was used to make the bus station bright and cosy.


Industrial lighting designed for large expositions. Using two different types of luminaires, we managed to isolate the light at the product stands and create a pleasant atmosphere. The Goccia luminaires emit the light directly onto the object, and Columbia distributes lighting in the common area.

Shop lighting. “Korona” shopping mall

In a large shopping mall, various informational signs may be difficult to notice. However, Leddex found a solution. Now, every stand of the shopping mall “Korona” in Poland is illuminated with the Lumaire Magnetic LED panels. With Leddex, shop lighting is always thoroughly planned.

Kaunas bus station. Underground garage lighting

We created high-quality lighting by using Tores LED product, which is resistant to the moisture in underground spaces.

Pegasas bookshop

Bright and cosy lighting to make the reading enjoyable. In the common area, we used Quadro, the product emitting uniform intensity light.

Chanel Cosmetic Showcases

The high luminosity LUMAIRE Basic ideally spotlight the advertised products. Different installation options let you control the angle of incident light to achieve the best results.