Signage lighting. Benu pharmacy

Lumaire Magnetic lights up Benu pharmacy stores in every major city of Lithuania. The product was chosen for its practical design, quick and easy print replacement. Since 2016 we have already manufactured 436 LED panels for this project.

Led lighting. Kaunas International Airport

The duty-free shops at Kaunas International Airport are now lit with Lumaire Magnetic LED panels. No advertising could go without the magnetic LED panel: quick and easy print change, ultra-thin design, various installation methods, and high-quality images. The airport shops are brighter with Lumaire Magnetic.

Shopping Mall Lighting

Domus Gallery

We used Ringo, the ring-shaped LED lights, to create vivid shopping mall lighting. It matches the modern architecture of the Gallery. By emitting the light both upwards and downwards, these ring-shaped lighting fixtures emphasize the unique ceiling design and create the analogy to the Domus Gallery’s aim to inspire authenticity.

High bay lighting

 Kaunas Bus Station

Versatile lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere in common areas. In strict-shape luminaires, we used LED Fortan, a product specifically designed for high bay lighting.

LED Retail Lighting

Pegasas Bookshop

Bright and cosy retail lighting to make the reading enjoyable. In the common area, we used Quadro, the product emitting homogeneous balanced-intensity light.