Signage lighting. L’occitane shop

L’occitane use Lumaire Textile to illuminate advertising in their stores. The luminous textile can be up to 5 m wide and the single-sided frame is only 23 mm thick. This is the LED solution for everyone who seeks high exclusivity and a luxury touch.

Signage lighting. Douglas shop

Lumaire designed LED light sheets illuminate print ads across Europe. This time, it is Douglas that has our Magnetic panels installed in their retail stores in Lithuania.

Signage lighting. Drogas shop

Drogas use Lumaire Magnetic to illuminate advertising in their stores. The LED light sheets were installed on euro shelving. To replace the print in a magnetic LED light sheet, all you need is a suction cup. Quick and easy, like this:

Signage lighting. Benu pharmacy

Lumaire Magnetic lights up Benu pharmacy stores in every major city of Lithuania. The product was chosen for its practical design, quick and easy print replacement. Since 2016 we have already manufactured 436 LED panels for this project.

Led lighting. Kaunas International Airport

The duty-free shops at Kaunas International Airport are now lit with Lumaire Magnetic LED panels. No advertising could go without the magnetic LED panel: quick and easy print change, ultra-thin design, various installation methods, and high-quality images. The airport shops are brighter with Lumaire Magnetic.

LED Mall Lighting

Korona shopping mall

In a large shopping mall, various informational signs may be difficult to notice. However, Leddex found a solution. Now, every stand of the shopping mall Korona in Poland is illuminated with the Lumaire Magnetic LED panels. With Leddex, shop lighting is always thoroughly planned.

LED Display Lighting

Chanel Cosmetics

We created LED display lighting with the high luminosity Lumaire Basic LED panels that ideally spotlight the products. Different installation options let you control the angle of incident light to achieve the best results.